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June 5, 2011


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» Job Descriptions

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 4:28 PM

★ Designer Class ★

Designer :
As a designer you help color, design, and fashion new sets of dolls/toys. This position is very important for the business.
The head of this department is celiere

Rank 2

Inventor :
With exceptional designing abilities, Inventors can fashion the most perfect dolls for any purpose or event, both quickly and efficiently. They also design zombie builds for the Assemblers, as well as inventing all sorts of things which will make running the store much easier.
Their work is usually commissioned by the best paying buyers. They often oversee the work of their Designers as well.

★ Craftsman Class ★

Craftsmen :
As a craftsman, your job is to assemble/build the toys and dolls. This job is also important. You alos engage in other jobs such as repairing broken toys.
The head of this department is Jubblier

Rank 2

Tailor :
Masters with a needle and thread, they usually fashion together the more complex designs, leaving room for only superb quality and craftsmanship. And, as experts of your trade, your responsible for fixing toys as though a 'toy doctor'.

★ Body Snatcher Class ★

Body Snatcher :
Body Snatchers rob graves and do other murderous acts to collect body parts. The body parts are used to create ill-minded zombies(like building frankenstiens) to be sold as servants or slaves.
The head of this department is solitairre

Rank 2

Assassin :
Elite body snatchers, they are experts in stealth and go to even further, more dangerous lengths to secure the best parts for the Assemblers. They may even assassinate or steal from the living because, after all, the fresher parts are always the best~ They can work with poisons to either kill or paralyze their enemies as they take from them what they want. (ew? 8'D )
Should there be an invasion, they may also work with the army as stealth experts.

★ Assembler Class ★

Assembler :
Assemblers customize and build the zombies from what body-snatchers collect. they're like craftsman but with human bodies.
The head of this department is shidrome

Rank 2

Surgeon / Doctor :
Specially saught after for their expectional surgery and general medical abilities, they not only build, but work as doctors for every race working within the Toystore, and out. As elite assemblers, they also build the most perfect undead, for any purpose.


Creator :

Creators are Assemblers which have taken a more 'scientific' route to building and creating bodies. Your typical bichemical-weilding 'mad scientists', they try to make something out of nothing.

★ Toy Army Soldier Class ★

Toy Army Soldier
Some toys aren’t made just for play. Some toys are built for battle, in case of an invasion or other emergencies. You can be trained to be an ass-kicking toy soilder.
The head of this department is Mirvirus for the moment until a replacement appears

Rank 2

Elite Fighter :
Elite soldiers of the Toystore, they have exceptional melee skill. They are fighters, delivering heavy blows to their enemies, and are usually on the front line of any battle.
Much like in armies, they command smaller units of soldiers.


Elite Guard :

Elite soldiers of the Toystore, they have exceptional defensive skills. They are tanks, able to take heavy blows from their enemies, and also work as guards for the store.
Much like in armies, they command smaller units of soldiers.

★ Mage Class ★

Mage / Sorcerer
What makes the shop special is the living toys! In this job, you help perform rituals that bring the dolls to life. You learn different types of cult-based spells. You also learn how to manipulate and summon ghosts.
The head of this department is Pokey-Chan

Rank 2

Conjurer :
Conjurers manipulate the elements, taking a more offensive/classic role to the idea of magic and sorcery. They may also study potion making and other such magical talents.
Conjurers also have advanced ability in the manipulation of spirits, and do well with rituals that bring the dolls and zombies to life. They are not as occult as Shamans, however.


Shaman :

Shaman perform advanced rituals and practices, indulging in the occult arts of the spiritual world, sometimes even delving deep enough to perform human sacrifice. They have the ability to summon high-ranked demons and souls, and learn advanced manipulation of both spirits and shadows. This job is of high risk, as it sometimes involves deviltry. They may also learn ritual medicine.

★ Soul Collector Class ★

Soul Collector / Harvester
Soul Collectors reap souls from the dead or, sometimes, even the living. They seal the souls away and take them back to the store to be used in rituals, or revived as toys / zombies by the mages.
Soul Collectors are also taught different types of magic, primarily the dark arts.
The head of this department is Mirvirus

Promotion Class is soon to come!

Things to remember...

'Rank 2' are the promotional classes of the job sets available. You cannot apply to a Rank 2/Promotional job. You can only be promoted to it.

"How do I get promoted?"

Class-dependent quests will occur every now and then, in which your character can partake for the chance of being promoted! They test a character's skill/potential.

The quests may come in different styles; the manager of their respective group may rate the entries, or round-by-round tournament may be held, in which the victor is chosen for promotion!

In rare cases, promotions may be handed out to members for achievement in roleplays or art contribution.

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